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The Scope of Booty Work Benefits

The scope of booty work benefits (e.g.: 5 reasons you should be doing booty work)

Since the beginning of creation, humans have carried around assets with them that produce immense power, stability, balance and are an aesthetic addition to the human body. I’m talking about your buns!

The rise of the industrial revolution and the advent of the internal combustion engine has resulted in our lack of needing to walk everywhere we go and, subsequently, a broad scope decrease in peoples butt strength.

The truth of the matter is that we need to train our glutes more than we do.

They’re the largest muscle in the body and are capable of producing incredible amounts of force and work capacity. If you are not already training your glutes, or would just like some extra motivation to keep going, I’m going to delve into five different benefits of glute training!

Safety and protection of the lower back: Lets be real, back pain sucks, and I think most everybody has heard the admonition at some point to “lift with your legs not your back”. The reason for this is so that the tension and stress from the heavy object that you are picking up is directed to the glutes and other leg muscles of the body as opposed to being forced onto the lower back potentially and likely causing muscle strain, excessive pressure on your intervertebral disc‘s, and potentially long lasting injuries. Training your glute muscles will allow you to improve your ability to lift and move objects in daily life safely while protecting your lower back.

Improve the work capacity: Not only will you keep your back safe and injury free by training your glute muscles, you will increase the amount of work and capacity of activities that you want to be able to do. Need to move a piano? Pull weeds in the garden? Climb a mountain? Wrestle a bear? Jump around at a 7hr dance party? Your glutes will help with that. Strengthen those buns so you can kick some buns!

Balance: The booty muscles are the major muscles protecting the hips and maintain stability at the hips during dynamic activities such as walking, running, hiking, and moving in multiple directions. Glute training can improve balance and stability which is obviously great for maximizing performance during dynamic activities and of course, reducing the risk for taking a spill onto the ground!

Sport/Fitness performance: In addition to keeping your back safe, increasing your capacity for activity and improving stability and agility, training your glutes will help you with a variety of other sport/fitness performance aspects. Glute strength and stability helps with lifting weights when standing, sitting, lying on your back, etc. because it creates a stable foundation to lift from. Glute training also burns A LOT of calories and as we know, increased muscle mass helps burn fat and helps you get FIT! And glute training is a great overall workout which is great for helping you learn how to push yourself to make progress towards your goals.

Aesthetics: Heh heh… Aesthetics… ANYWAY, we all know that having a perky butt is way fun and helps you look and feel great. Now obviously some people go crazy nowadays with being a little obsessive about this aspect, so thats why it’s last on this list. But thats one of the reasons we workout right? So we look and feel good!

For a simple plan to get started, download my Booty Builder eBook, a 15-week lower body sculpting, shaping, and strengthening program!

So, if you aren’t doing some booty work in your exercise routine, get to it! You’ll get stronger, fitter, and shaped out the way you want! Do it! You’ll thank me later! Go kick some butt!

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