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Starting Your Fitness Journey with a Blank Slate

I know the feeling, you know where you want to be, you’ve crunched numbers and you have the data on what you need to gain, or lose, or whatever. You have dates and measures set out that you want to reach.

But how? How do you get there? And where do you start?

Fitness journeys can be daunting and scary. Here are a couple tips on how to get some momentum.

Start today. Just start. Whatever you do, it does not have to be perfectly planned out all at once. Planning is awesome and very important. But you don’t have to have it all figured out to get started. Go for a walk, do some jumping jacks, stop reading this post and do 10 squats, whatever you can come up with, start today.

Make it fun. Its critical that your fitness activities be something you enjoy. Otherwise you won’t be as likely to do them. Its that simple. If you like hiking, hike. If you don’t know what you like, trying a new activity is a blast. Have you tried rowing? Raquetball? TRX? There are tons of different ways to move towards your goals.

Get community. Statistics have shown that people who workout with others tend to have better results. Its a way to be encouraged, pushed forward, and kept from slacking. A little healthy competition can be a good thing, and these elements are what help teams work so well.

One way you can knock all three of these tips out today is to join my 10 week fitness challenge. Sign up today and get set up for an in-depth customized fitness program.

Its truly a blast and will give you a framework to begin your path towards your goals. You’ll learn a ton of info both in exercises and nutrition. All while enjoying community and being encouraged by others doing the same challenges as you.

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