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Health Warrior - Heidi Lloyd (aka: Mom)

This is so special for me! My MOM inspires me toward better fitness and reaching my goals! Her attitude and mindset toward fitness has made a 180 degree turn and I want to dig into how she did it!

She’s been on a weight loss journey for a while now, has tried plenty of yo-yo diet strategies over the years… but as of a year ago, something changed and she is now tasting success! I’m so proud of her. I couldn’t believe it when she told me (for the first time in my life) that she enjoys exercise and are even *gasp* feeling addicted to it! I love that she is finding a healthy balance in life that includes eating well and exercising for good, sustainable health.

I can tell she’s in it for the long-haul this time! So, what’s her secret, her motivation, and what flipped the switch for her so to stick with her positive health habits this time?

I know SO many others are in her shoes feeling like they just weren’t born to be in shape or live an active lifestyle. Well, my mom is living proof that anyone and everyone can develop the discipline and even passion for living life more fully. Read on and I believe you will fully agree!

I am excited to share with those people who are in her shoes, pressing down with 210 pounds and waiting for a miracle to happen. She’s been her own miracle and have found ways to make the turn-around work. I can’t wait to share with you what I asked her so we can all glean some insight on how we can all do the same! Here we go!

1. First, aside from being my awesome mother, please tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do and where do you begin? Give us a glimpse into your health and fitness and how you got here. In your opinion, what's the most important part of a healthy lifestyle? What prompted you to pursue health and how has it impacted your life?

Firstly, I have a desk job and sit for most the day. The work is very detailed and takes quite a bit of mental energy and alertness to perform. It’s pretty demanding. Over the years, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight and noticed mental fatigue getting worse and worse. I began asking myself, at this rate, what will it be like for me in 5 years from now, or 10 or 20 years? I do not want to imagine that. So to answer your question, that was the beginning for me. My life was wasting away and the thought of that got me off my feet. 

2. How do you approach health and fitness? How do you consciously steward and take care of your body on a regular basis? 

Baby. Steps. At the beginning I knew I had to take baby steps. Firstly, I knew I needed to eat healthier and less. With the mental fatigue it was hard for me, so I ordered (a pre-packaged food delivery program for weight loss). I needed the grab-n-go convenience of their food because I had no energy for making grocery lists or food prepping. It took me eight months to lose 40 pounds. Yes! I made up my mind that this adventure requires a change for life. There is not going to be a magic pill or some “miracle", but an attitude change and small, baby steps to get there. I slowly began to notice things getting easier for me. Walking up the stairs was getting easer. At that point I knew it was probably time for me to add exercise to my life. In February 2019 I decide to join (Carly’s) 10-Week Fitness Challenge. It was the perfect program, come at the perfect time. Now that my attitude was adjusted and new outlook at life was established, I knew this was the perfect program and Carly had the education and knowledge to assist me through it. I was ready.

3. Can you walk us through your typical morning routine? How do you set yourself up for a healthy day from the start? 

I keep a glass of water by my bed and drink it before I even stand up in the morning. I then get dressed, feed the cat and the very next thing I do before I change my mind is a half hour cardio exercise of some sort. Most of my workout ideas and encouragement came from participating in the 10-Week Fitness Program, especially the home workout suggestions. I am now using light weights. At the beginning I was only working out maybe 15 minutes and 3 days a week. I quickly began to notice a mental clarity and energy during the day with such little exercise added. I am now exercising a minimum half hour every, single morning and have added 10 minutes of crunches and sit ups every single night. This would have been unimaginable a year ago.

4. What's your go-to morning meal? Or another practical food-related staple in your routine that helps keep you on track?

Breakfast is just a low carb, high protein granola bar. 2 hours later I eat a piece of string cheese or a small handful of nuts. Eating something small, every 2 hours or so seems to sustain me so I don’t get too hungry, keeps me from over-eating at meal time and keeps my mental alertness fueled.

5. What is one non-negotiable part of your health routine each week? Perhaps you always go for a long walk on Saturday mornings or start your weekend off with morning yoga and a spinach smoothie. Whatever it is, tell us what you protect or put in place each week to take care of yourself. 

Now that I am working out every morning, I feel it is crucial for me to have my weekend mornings to just chill out (after I exercise of course). I will not schedule any errands or social gatherings on Sat or Sun mornings. It’s too much for me right now and I feel the “down time” is really important for me to keep. 

You are so dedicated to your fitness! I love that answer! Scheduled down time can be a life saver!

6. In your experience, what's the biggest barrier to overcome in terms of health? 

The attitude I had about health and exercise was really hard to change. I really had to “force” it at the beginning. If you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done, and I knew that. I just had to believe it. Believing it and knowing it was key. You can do so much more than you think you can, and in the end no one can do it for you. YOU have to do the work yourself. You gave me the recommendations and the tools, but in the end I was and am the one who has to get myself there.

7. I think most people can relate with that mindset struggle! Can we dig into that a little bit more? What led you to changing your attitude about health and exercise? 

I don’t really know “what” made it change for me, other than my mindset about it. Firstly, I think my health had to get pretty bad for me to want to get started. Once I started and stuck with it a couple of weeks, I began to notice a difference. A difference not only in how I looked, but I also noticed more positivity in my thoughts. And the energy.... it just kept getting better and better. That’s what motivated me to keep coming back for more.

I knew Carly’s workout program could help give me the structure for the body I never had and  the mental clarity I never had, but I was the one who had to put in the work for it. It was hard for me to really believe this truth, but now I get it. I don’t know how to tell someone else how to do this. My health was deteriorating fast, I think I was just ready. One just has to do this for themselves. Really the only person we are cheating on is ourselves. I had cheated on myself long enough and was falling downhill fast.

Right! Hearing other people (doctors, therapists, friends, family, etc.) telling us to make a change doesn’t always click. Change has to be self-motivated and the ticket is to find a way to make it stick.

8. What's the best advice you could give to someone just beginning their own health journey? 

Just do it and do it in BABY steps. If you can’t do 10 reps, then do 5. If you can’t do 5 reps, do 3. If you can’t do 3, do 1 and tomorrow you will do 2. Etc. Just do something every single day and you will get there…slowly you will get there!

9. How have you continued to work on overcoming a negative or incorrect mindset? What is something you consistently tell yourself to renew your mind and motivate yourself? 

I remind myself that this is a life-style change. I am exercising for life and eating healthy for life. This way I can allow myself the occasional treats, like apple cobbler, that I love.

10. How do you set health and fitness goals for yourself? Do you measure them? If so, how often? What are some goals you are currently working on?

I weigh myself once a week, not every day, during weight loss. Before and after pictures are also super encouraging. I am not doing this now, but I hung my favorite ‘little black dress’ in the kitchen for awhile. That way I was reminded of my goals before binging on junk food.

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