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Health Tip #3 - Warm-Ups

Whether you're new to fitness and are still learning how to start a workout, or have fallen trap to a rushed lifestyle requiring speedy workouts, I’m sure we all have questioned the purpose and benefits of warm-ups. Here is my tip for the why and how to warm up!

First step, choose TO warm up! : ) It only takes 5-10 minutes and it encourages a healthy increased heart rate and blood flow, gets your brain and muscles in gear, and reduces chances of injury, which we all can appreciate!

Second, choose dynamic movements, such as repetitive full body or whole limb movements that move smoothly with each inhale and exhale. For example: walking, lunging side to side, arm circles, or an easy body-weight version of some of your planned resistance exercises. 

(A word about static stretching: I’ve had many clients tell me that for their warm up, they stretch. Most often what they mean is static stretching. Static stretching is a great strategy for post-exercise muscle care, but for pre workout warmups, many studies have shown that static stretching is not effective for preventing injury, and in some cases can actually be harmful.)

My warm-up:

5 minutes walking or with light resistance on an elliptical. Reaching for the ceiling alternated with reaching for my toes. This warms up the arms, core, back, and neck.Jumping jacks. This is a great warm up for the full body! I do 10-12One light set of my first exercise. So, if I’m going to do squats first, I would do a bodyweight or light-weight set of squats to prep for this.

If you have not been warming up this way, I think you’ll notice a major difference! Spend at least 5 minutes using dynamic movements to get your blood flowing and muscles going. You may feel more capable during your workout and notice a faster recovery! Hope your next warm-up and workout is great!

For more information or a personalized warm-up, workout, or nutrition plan, contact me!!!

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