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Health Tip #2 - Exercise for "Extras"

Most people know that water intake is one of the key elements of fitness, weight loss, and muscle gain.

But I'm sure we can agree that sometimes, as incredible as water is, it doesn't always satisfy our personal tastes in beverages that may contain more calories than a slice of lemon in a glass of ice water would contain...

A great tip for balancing and controlling your intake of soft drinks, alcohol, sugary coffee or holidays drinks, is to try challenging yourself on weekdays to complete an exercise that falls in line with your fitness goals in conjunction with your splurge-beverage-of-choice.

For example, if you're trying to sculpt a better booty, try doing 30 air squats for every drink! This serves two purposes, first this will naturally decrease the amount of desire for the drink, especially as fatigue sets in, and second, it's a simple way to consistently progress toward goals. 

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