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Health Tip #11 - Healthy Snacks for the Traveller

It’s all too common to let traveling throw progress off track! Right? You’re doing great, eating well, fueling to look great at the beach on your next vacation, etc. etc… then, the vacation starts and all bets are off with keeping a healthy diet. Your family wants to eat out every night. And road trips, I mean really, can anyone expect to eat well on road trips? Gas stations aren’t known to have much in regard to “fresh” or “nutrient-dense” snackables, afterall.

Well, having traveled plenty myself and worked with dozens of clients who travel (for work, for vacation, etc.), I definitely have learned some tips on how to fuel up on your next road trip with healthy snacks! I’ll share some basic items to help keep things organized and fresh as well a list of my favorite snackables.

If you’ll have access to your car, I recommend keeping a small cooler with ice in there for keeping items cold if needed. 

My favorite road trip snacks:

Thrive Life Snackies: including Beet Fruit Crisps, Spinach Fruit Crisps, Carrot Fruit Crisps, Cheddar Cheese Bites, Peas, Sweet Corn and all the fruit options.

Whole fruits

Epic BarsRxBars

Coconut water

Nuts: almonds and walnuts, usually

Homemade trail mix: nuts, dried fruit or Thrive Life fruit, dark chocolate bits, Thrive Life yogurt bites and granola

Veggies sticks and whole grain pita bread with hummus* (oooo and the new-found favorite Thrive Life Red Bell Peppers for dipping)

Green Tea beverage

Turkey Jerky

A PB&J on a slightly toasted English Muffin or on rice cakes (doesn’t get soggy like a slice of bread)

Baked sweet potato chips

Roasted chickpeas

Wasabi peas

La Croix - Peach Pear for me, please!

Plenty of water!! We often flavor ours with a splash of lemon juice or other fruit yummmm

An easy way to make these the perfect serving size and less hazardous for the clean floor mats is to pre-portion them into individual snack bags or Tupperware. Well, you're all set! I hope your next road trip is a great one!

Challenge: Going on a road trip or vaca soon? Share your road trip snack ideas on social media #eeeeeats! Be sure to tag me on Facebook and Insta!

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