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Health Tip #1 - Accountability

Bring at least one important person into your health/fitness journey who can influence you in the best ways.

For me, that's this guy, my husband Nathaniel. He regularly asks me if I'm tracking my goal progress and pushes me to the gym on days when I'm lacking motivation. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to have accountability! Ask someone if they would hold you accountable, join an accountability group, or consider hiring a trainer. I'd say well over 50% of my clients signed up mainly for accountability. Sure, direction and goals are important for your health journey too, but you'll need influential people in your life along the way!

CHALLENGE: If you agree to hold someone else accountable, DO IT. You might ask, "hey, just checking in... when are you working out today?" or say, "I know we splurged on sweets this weekend... what can we choose instead today?

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