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Because You're Worth It

Just a quick tip on how to stay motivated when going to the gym and eating healthy are THE LAST things you feel like doing.

Remember a time when you were proud of yourself for completing something physically challenging. Was it meeting your New Year's resolution to join that exercise class? Was it cutting out extra "sweets" and processed snacks for a few months? Was it training for and finishing a race event? Was it getting a new PR (personal record) with your fitness? Was it dropping that last 20 pounds? How did you feel?

I know when I think of a time I felt proud, I also felt so capable! Like a fine-tuned machine, I felt like the care and effort I put in was worth it! Moving forward with healthy habits seemed easier. I was excited to keep progressing and advancing my goals.

Maybe you have felt similar, like your hard work really paid off and you wanted to keep heading in the right direction. Well, here's your chance.

You're not always going to have the same struggle. At least you don't have to. It's your choice. Do you want to keep on the path toward better health? Are you still in the race?

Whatever your next health goal is, stick with it! Keep caring about how you treat your body because it's a pretty incredible machine! Do hard things every day. Be proud of how you steward your body. Start again, keep it going, press forward today. Even when you don't feel like it, remember that today is just one more step toward the next time you feel that major sense of accomplishment. And remember, you're worth it!

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