With our heavy leg day out of the way already (remember Day One's 5X5 squats?!), today we are working on leg muscles with explosive energy. We're shaping our legs for the look we want using lighter weights, higher reps, and a circuit-style format. Make this workout feel a little like cardio by keeping your pace fast and transitions quick. As always, keep your form on point.


Squats or Bodyweight Squat Jumps (optional)

15-20 repetitions

Box Jumps
15-20 repetitions

Walking or Jumping Lunges
14-18 total steps

Hip Thrusts

15-20 repetitions

Hip Abduction

14-18 repetitions

Donkey Calf Raises
Any type of calf raise you like works fine!

20 repetitions

NOW rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for another round



Whew those jumps! They get me every time! A tip for an extra challenge or more cardiovascular-challenging workout, perform jumping lunges instead of weighted walking lunges.