You all have probably heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It is a way of exercising to create extreme fat burning that can be applied to a variety of types of exercising. We are going to apply HIIT to both strength training and cardio today. Immediately following your warm-up, transition into one minute of INTENSE cardio. I'm talking about taking resistance, speed, or incline to the max! The max being what you can consciously and effectively complete (no passing out on me, okay guys?!). But trust your body and the training you've put in this last month and a half and push yourself. When that first minute is over, complete one set of the first exercise (allow yourself about a minute and a half for each strength training exercise, including transition time and work time; even rest time if the work phase is quick enough to allow for it. Return to your cardio machine, jump rope, or whatever you're using for intense cardio, for the next cardio interval. Work your way through all six of the exercises completing one minute of intense cardio in between each. Once you've finished a round, rest, then repeat up to three times. Obviously, this workout is intense and will be especially challenging if you haven't done HIIT-type workouts before. Listen to your body and rest when you need to.

Tip: I use the app called "Interval Timer" to create 12-18 sets (this will be 2-3 rounds of the circuit) of high and low intervals of 1 minute and 1.5 minutes, respectively. I also use the app to time my 5-minute warm-up and cool-down. It's a convenient way to stay on track with the workout and make sure I'm not resting too long. I pause it for 2-3 minutes between rounds.



45-60 seconds

Mountain Climbers
30-45 seconds

Farmer's Carry

30 seconds each side (E.S.) or back and forth across a room for about a minute

Stability Ball Crunches

15 repetitions

Remember to keep the movement small and move slow. If your muscles start burning by 10 reps, you’re doing it right.

Static Low V-Up
30-45 seconds

Ab Roll-Out

NOW rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for another 1-2 rounds

Cardio: Sprints
Optional alternative: complete the same interval sequence using a different type of machine or resistance, such as battle ropes, stair climber, hill sprints, etc.

30-Second sprints with 60 second rest
Repeat 6-10 times