This week we have two HIIT workouts. This is the first. Remember to trust your body and the training you've put in this last two months and push yourself. When that first minute is over, complete one set of the first exercise, then repeat alternating intense cardio with a strength training exercise down through the exercise list. Allow yourself about a minute and a half for each strength training exercise, including transition time and work time; even rest time if the work phase is quick enough to allow for it. Once you've finished a round (one set of each exercise), rest, then repeat up to three times total.

HIIT Tip: I use the app called "Interval Timer" to create 12-18 sets (this will be 2-3 rounds of the circuit) of high and low intervals of 1 minute and 1.5 minutes, respectively. I also use the app to time my 5-minute warm-up and cool-down. It's a convenient way to stay on track with the workout and make sure I'm not resting too long. I pause it for 2-3 minutes between rounds.


Barbell Bicep Curl
15 repetitions E.S. (Each Side)

Tricep Extension (overhead cable or dumbbell)
15 repetitions

Static Pushup
Up to 30 seconds

Alternating DB Bench Press
10 repetitions E.S.

Alternating Hammer Curls
15 repetitions E.S.

Bicep 21's
21 repetitions

Triceps Kickback
10 repetitions E.S.

NOW rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for another round

Cardio: Speed-walk or jog
Optional alternative: hill speed-walk, elliptical
30-45 minutes (3-4 mi)