Here's another circuit-style workout. We'll start out with a couple core exercises and continue on with back exercises. Today's cardio is optional, but highly encouraged for those who really want to sweat and get a great workout! Cardio: 20-30 minutes intervals (30-second sprints on treadmill: e.g. level/speed 8; alternating with 30 seconds active rest: e.g. level/speed 4)


Toe Touchers
50 repetitions

Spiderman Plank
15 repetitions E.S.

Assisted Pull-Ups
5-8 repetitions

Seated Cable Row
10-12 repetitions

Wide Grip Overhand Row or Inverted Row
12-15 repetitions

NOW rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for another 1-2 rounds

Cardio: Sprints
Optional alternative: complete the same interval sequence using a different type of machine or resistance, such as battle ropes, stair climber, hill sprints, etc.

30-Second sprints with 60 second rest
Repeat 8-10 times