This workout is very similar to week's seven and eight day one workout, except we're increasing the repetitions to 30. This circuit style uses strength training exercises to really tax the cardiovascular system; therefore, burning a lot of fat and getting us to that lean look that shows off the muscles we've been building. We are going to complete one set of each exercise back to back with only enough rest in between to transition to the next exercise. One time through all of the exercises is called a round. Complete 2-3 rounds with 2-3 minutes of rest at the end of each round. Note: the reps are higher, so adjust the weights you use according to your capabilities. Also, remember our appropriate weight Rule of Thumb from the preparation tips we learned before the program started.



30 reps in the circuit

Leg Press
30 reps

Stiff-Legged Deadlift

30 reps



45-60 seconds

Walking Lunges
30 total steps

Calf Raises
30 reps

NOW rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for another round

Finisher: Bike Intervals
5 sets of 20 sec ON
60 sec OFF/rest