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Core is trained twice a week this week, so remember to not skimp on these exercises. Arms and back are combined on day 2 to get an efficient effect for your upper body, with a forward eye towards pullups in the future! 

Cardio: 6-10 sets of 30-second sprints


Assisted Pull-Up Pyramid
Similar format to the squats we did yesterday. As you decrease in reps, increase in the amount of weight you're pulling up.

4 sets of 10-8-6-8-10 reps
1-3 minute rest

Incline Dumbbell Row
4 sets of 10 reps
45-60 second rest

Narrow Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown
4 sets of 10 reps
45-60 second rest

Drag Curls
3 sets of 10 reps
45-60 second rest

Skull Crushers OR Overhead Tricep Extensions
3 sets of 10 reps
45-60 second rest

Isometric V-Up
1-3 sets of 30 seconds
45-60 second rest

Side Planks
Dips are optional. Complete a total of 90 seconds on each side.

90 seconds each side
Minimal rest

Cardio: Sprints
Optional alternative: complete the same interval sequence using a different type of machine or resistance, such as battle ropes, stair climber, hill sprints, etc.

30-Second sprints with 60 second rest
Repeat 6-10 times



If you are doing sprints at a different time of day than your workout, remember to warm up a little again with a short jog and some dynamic (upper-body-specific) stretches/movements before hitting those intense full-body bursts.