About Me


Carly Cooley

As a Oregon native, I have a deep love for the outdoors and delicious food. I approach both life and work with sincerity, honesty, and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people reach their goals and be proud of what they've  achieved.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

It all started when...

I discovered I loved studying about nutrition and health every chance I had. So, I attended Abilene Christian University in Texas to study Dietetics and Health Sciences. Then I continued on to complete my Dietetic Internship with Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania.

My food philosophy

Simply put, my philosophy is everything in moderation. Of course, taking into account each individual's needs and what is best to reach his or her goals.


I met my husband, a Physical Therapist, who convinced me that light strength training two times per week (at most) to supplement my running was not going to get me to my goals to have a more toned look. I started weight training 5x/week and quickly developed a passion for it! Of course the quick gains I made in the first few months would be encouraging enough to hook anyone, but I wanted to add this to my life-long endeavor of health and wellness. In early 2015 I became and ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

Certified Personal Trainer

Thrive Life Consultant

To round off my holistic approach... 

to living a full life... I discovered Thrive Life through my Mother-In-Law and have been incorporating their products into my daily life since 2014. I am now a consultant, sharing the products and building a business team since 2014.

In Summary, more than just believing in and practicing healthful nutrition, daily exercise, and Thrive Life, my passion is to share these things with you. To inspire and support you in achieving greatness. I believe it's my role, as a professional in this field, to:

- Be a student in my field

- Motivate with enthusiasm

- And provide accurate, personalized, trustworthy information

I am excited about helping you get to a better you!


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