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Hi. I’m Carly

Registered Dietician Nutritionist and Personal Trainer


Whether you’re reaching your personal best or just getting started on your fitness journey, I can help you learn how to eat right, look like a pro at the gym, win your competition, reach your fitness goals, gain muscle or lose weight, stay motivated, fight chronic disease, enjoy life, and more.

How to get started

What area of your health are you looking to improve? Is it what you're eating? Is it how (or whether) you're training in the gym? Is it the type or quality of food you eat or the limited time you have to cook it? Read through how I can help you in any or all of those areas and let's get started! Just choose a plan to get started or ask about all three. Get ready for awesome results!


Nutrition Consulting

Looking for a personalized meal plan to help you reach your goals? Needing to get and stay on track with your health? 

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Personal Training

Ready to get started with an exercise regimen that is tailored to your needs and goals? Maybe you'd like to revamp your diet to match your exercise output too?

Thrive life

Feel like you just don't have time in your day to spend caring for yourself or providing your family with quality meals? Ready to save time and money on your groceries?



Carly is a fun and energetic trainer! After I started training with her I had more energy and started seeing workouts as fun and not dreadful. I even looked forward to our training sessions together.
— Rose Tucci